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Chaitip Co., Ltd. has been in the rice trading business since 1871. Our honest business practice was renowned among rice importers, chefs from leading hotels, hotel/restaurant owners, and consumers from all over the world.

You may wonder why we can still stay active in this highly competitive business where many people think the product from each supplier in the industry is virtually the same. If you have a chance to do business with us, you will soon learn that what we provide is not simply rice, but the premium customer service and our ethical business philosophy. You may rest assure when you trade with Chaitip Co., Ltd.

Our business philosophy is derived from our core values, which we have strictly adhered to since 1871
(Vuttichai Wanglee, Managing Director - Chaitip Co., Ltd, April 7, 2005)
Our Vision & Mission
Our Core Values
Our Management
Our Team
The Beginning and Glory
Diversify to The Real Estate Business
Strengthen The Core Business
Export Brand
Food Service Brand
Consumer Brand
Wholesalers Brand

Thai Hom Mali Rice
(Thai Jasmine Rice)
Thai Pathumthani
Fragrant Rice
Thai Hom Mali Cargo Rice (Thai Jasmine Cargo Rice)
Thai Long Grain White Rice
Thai Long Grain Red
Cargo Rice
Thai White Glutinous Rice
Thai Black Glutinous Rice
New Production Plant
Rice Laboratory
Quality Control System

World's Most Advanced Technology

Memorial of the Old Factory


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